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    Eric Young's Contract, Nash On Facebook and more


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    Eric Young's Contract, Nash On Facebook and more

    Post by Ravagez on Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:50 am

    -- Regarding Eric Young's contract holdout with TNA Wrestling last month, he indicated to friends that he believed WWE would show interest in signing him and thus he held out for a better deal than the Nashville based organization initially offered. There was apparently no interest on WWE's part in Young's services and he re-signed with TNA Wrestling for less money than he was looking for. He was, however, granted freedom to accept independent bookings without company approval.

    -- The Dec. 9 episode of TNA ReACTION did a 0.58 cable rating, with 775,000 viewers. The previous week's show drew a 0.62 cable rating, with 780,000 viewers.

    -- Kevin Nash revealed on Twitter that he has an account on Facebook and is accepting friend requests.

    He wrote, "I updated my fb and found my best childhood friend. Plenty of room for friends. www.facebook.com/kevin.s.nash. Thanks, Kevin."



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    Re: Eric Young's Contract, Nash On Facebook and more

    Post by Rah on Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:06 am

    Sorry, EY. WWE don't employ comedy acts that are actually funny.

    Lol at profile picture having TNA written on it. Still thinks he's relevant to the product... :facepalm:

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    but it's alright, because Kane's flame still burns...

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