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    Hardy says the internet reports are "SoWrong"


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    Hardy says the internet reports are "SoWrong"

    Post by Ravagez on Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:42 pm

    Apparently in response to online reports noting concern over his condition backstage at last week's TNA Genesis PPV, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy issued the following statement this evening on Twitter:

    "AllThaTalkAboutLastSunday.... forThoseOfYouThatBelievedThoseWords... f***YOU!!!!SoWrong...SoWrong!!!!!I'm bustingMyAss2 helpTNA... Period!!"

    "Can't StressEnough... ifYouBelievedThoseWords... f***YOU!!!!!"

    "ThaStoryIsDead... becauseitShouldHaveNeverBeenBorn!!!SoWrong!!!!!"



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    Re: Hardy says the internet reports are "SoWrong"

    Post by Rah on Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:27 pm

    ILoveNotUsingSpacesEitherJeffLetsStartAClub. We'reSoAwesomeThatWeMakeOthersLookSecondRateBecauseIt'sCoolNotToUseProperEnglishInSentences.

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