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    Recap Of John Cena On CBS' "The Talk"


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    Recap Of John Cena On CBS' "The Talk"

    Post by Ravagez on Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:10 am

    Transcript Credit - Terri Bey and Pwinsider.com

    Here is a recap of John Cena on "The Talk" that just aired on CBS:
    Sharon Osbourne introduces John Cena who is in a suit. She asks about his feeling about the 200th wish. He says he doesn't care about the stats concerning how many wishes given to kids. He talks about how WWE is great about giving back and how the travel schedule is so hard and how he is going to go from the taping to Fort Hood and then to a house show in Mississippi then to New Orleans.

    They then show a video of the child, Cheyenne. He has leukemia and has fought it since age 6. He has been taking chemo for 2 years. His bright spot is watching John Cena. His brother called Make A Wish. The kid said he wanted to meet Cena and adopted Cena's "Never give up." catchphrase.

    Cheyenne is interviewed by Osbourne. He said Cena is a good guy and is nice to everyone. He said he was suffering from leukemia for 4 years and is doing good. Osbourne said Cena heard Cheyenne was coming to the show and sent him this huge basket of WWE stuff.

    Cena then comes out with a WWE Championship belt. Cena raises Cheyenne's hand and says "This is my champ." He gives the kid the belt and says "The champ is here." referring to Cheyenne. Cena plugs the "Fired" storyline, and makes the kid the guest for the New Orleans Raw taping.

    Cena then announced he was donating 1,000,000 Delta Frequent Flier Miles to Make A Wish.


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