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    Dana White Says Undertaker Called Him To Apologize


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    Dana White Says Undertaker Called Him To Apologize

    Post by Ravagez on Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:08 am

    - In an interview between UFC President Dana White and George Stroumboulopoulos, White commented about The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar confrontation: "It's funny you are asking me that because Undertaker called me to apologize for that." He mentioned that he has a great relationship with Vince McMahon and gets along with many on the WWE guys.

    White was also about whether he would be OK with Lesnar going to WWE and then coming back to UFC: "No... No. He is under contract with us... "

    "He's under contract with me. I don't want to blur those lines. First of all, him coming over and making the choice to leave the WWE and come over here, we gave him that shot. It was a big risk on our part. The guy was 1-0 but he's done incredibly well. What the guy's been able to accomplish with no experience in such a short amount of time, I don't want him going to WWE and blurring the lines of what's real and what's not. I think it happens to us sometimes now."



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    Re: Dana White Says Undertaker Called Him To Apologize

    Post by NativeCain on Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:14 pm

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