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    Kaitlyn's NXT Win, update on the NXT Divas


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    Kaitlyn's NXT Win, update on the NXT Divas

    Post by Ravagez on Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:41 am

    Credit: PWInsider.com

    In terms of Kaitlyn becoming the NXT winner last night, the fan balloting was said to have played a huge part in the overall decision. Of the other NXT Divas, it is expected that both Naomi and AJ will make the main WWE roster.

    AJ and Primo are set to be a duo on RAW and Kaitlyn will likely end up on Smackdown to continue her program with Vickie Guerrero.

    There's no word on the futures of Maxine and Akansa and they are both expected to continue working in FCW. There has been talk of using Aksana in some sort of comedy role on RAW, but nothing beyond that.

    Jamie Keynes was brought in last night after her release following elimintation, and there was a lot of people surprised to see her. Other women following their eliminations were on the road every week for both RAW and Smackdown shows.


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