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    The Miz talks about tonight's RAW and Cena


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    The Miz talks about tonight's RAW and Cena

    Post by Ravagez on Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:12 am

    Thanks to Ryan Mulloy for the following recap:

    I got a chance to listen to The Miz on Danny Bonaduce here in Philly on 94.1 WYSP. Not a very long piece. I know he’s been working hard to over the last couple of years to be a “go to guy” for WWE, and I’d say he’s there now, with or without the title. Very professional. Very real.

    In hyping tonight’s Raw, Miz came across as a toned down version of his character and gelled well with Bonaduce, who didn’t seem completely up on the current product, but good enough. Miz mentioned the show and the Wells Fargo Center a number of times to get it over and then did the standard “anything can happen on live TV” attitude.

    He also put over the Philadelphia audience being real honest with the wrestler’s as far as what they like and dislike. Translation: Miz expects to be booed out of the building because “I beat their heroes.”

    Miz also put over the current Cena storyline, mentioning Cena’s tweet about buying a ticket to tonight’s show since he was fired.

    Overall, a great job.


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