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    Jillian Still with WWE, Creative Team Situaton


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    Jillian Still with WWE, Creative Team Situaton

    Post by Ravagez on Fri Nov 26, 2010 2:28 am

    - While WWE released Jillian Hall as an active performer last week, she remains with the company and will be training Divas at FCW in Florida.

    - There has been a lot of second-guessing on decision making in WWE lately regarding what's done on pay-per-views vs. TV shows.

    - As noted before, WWE creative writer Christopher DeJoseph was let go by the company last week. His dismissal is seen by some in WWE as a warning shot to SmackDown head writer Michael Hayes, since the two were close friends.

    There are currently so many new writers in the company that the long-timers don't even know their names. The long-time "big five" writers were considered to be Hayes, DeJoseph, NXT & Superstars writer Ed Koskey along with RAW writers Brian Gewirtz and David Kapoor, also known as Ranjin Singh.

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