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    Mick Foley Turns Down TNA Heel Turn, Talks on WWE Mention, McMahon and More


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    Mick Foley Turns Down TNA Heel Turn, Talks on WWE Mention, McMahon and More

    Post by Ravagez on Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:51 am

    Posted by: WrestlingNewsSource.com

    TNA Superstar Mick Foley took part in an exclusive Interview with The Sun Newspaper out of the United Kingdom in which he reveals he turned down a major heel turn because he didn't feel it was right.

    Foley said:

    "This is breaking news, and maybe I'll get in trouble for this, but TNA had discussed me doing a big heel turn.

    "But with this anti-bullying campaign we're doing and coming off an award for reasonableness I was given by Jon Stewart, it just didn't seem right.
    "To be hitting people with my reasonableness award on TV would be funny, I could have done a couple of weeks of good television.

    "But in the bigger picture — and I think TNA has got to start looking at the bigger picture more often — I could be a lot more effective as somebody who goes out there and talks about serious issues."

    Some other highlights from the interview:

    Mick on Countdown to Lockdown being mentioned on WWE TV: "I got a call with a 203 area code. 203 is Stamford, Connecticut. It was not Vince, but it was somebody high up there, and he was like 'We'd like to mention your book on the air. Vince feels like it is the right thing to do.'

    "It is partially because I wrote an article and did a couple of interviews defending Linda McMahon, just defending the idea that she should not be dismissed as not being a good candidate for the US Senate simply because she had an association with wrestling. I know he appreciated that but I also think he just woke up one day and decided he liked me."

    Mick on chair shots: "In my match with Rock at Royal Rumble 1999, it was ridiculous and it was overdone and we never thought there'd be that many. But knowing what we do know about concussions, the less times people are hit on the head with hard objects the better. I'm not saying we have to eliminate them totally, but I think anyone who throws a chair shot on a house show should be fired."

    Mick on his match with Ric Flair: "I specifically asked for two segments. If we're going to do something, I like to have the opportunity to make it really good. I thought it was intense. People who write it off as garbage wrestling are not looking at how well everything was done. I thought we did a really good job. I think we could have done a better job of getting some eight counts and it was not a clear ending. Nonetheless, it was a better match than I thought I was capable of."

    Mick on wanting more wrestling in TNA: "I remember being in a 10 man match with some really good wrestlers and the whole thing was over in five minutes. Sometimes the wrestling almost seems like an afterthought. You're doing it at 5.30 in the afternoon in a theme park. I still think there should be more wrestling. That's my major complaint. We have the guys who can do it. It is a wrestling show. It is called Total Nonstop Action. It's an easy solution. I still think it should be more wrestling-driven. That way when you do your angles it means more. Your promos mean more. I hope they give it a try."

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