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    JR: WrestleMania, JR's Broadcasting Future, More


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    JR: WrestleMania, JR's Broadcasting Future, More

    Post by Ravagez on Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:55 pm

    Jim Ross is back with another blog over on www.jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

    - MVP's promo on Friday Night Smackdown was his best in months and maybe ever. I listened intently to every word and to be perfectly honest I rarely listen to every word of every wrestling promo that I hear during the week of seemingly endless TV broadcasts.

    - Kaval beats the IC champion on Friday night in approximately two minutes of bell to bell action. Doesn't bode well for Dolph Ziggler who also recently lost three in a row to Daniel Bryan in one week. Ziggler is due to miraculously recover his focus and will likely beat Kaval in what could be a helluva match Sunday at Survivor Series. They could steal the show but not in 5-7 minutes of wrestling time.

    - Emailer....I don't think that Monday night was my official 'send off ' from WWE announcing or at least no one told me such. After doing a piece of the Celtics radio broadcast with pal Sean Grande a couple of weeks ago in OKC and with the OU Football and Basketball job coming open next year, I would like to think that I will be doing some broadcasting work before I finally hang it up which will be years from now. The UFC upper mgmt people know that I have an interest in their product and I think that my style would fit what they do quite well especially when they begin expanding their roster of broadcasters. Who knows, WWE might want me to do something on an occasional basis but I must point out that there is absolutely no plans to that affect at this time.

    - Wrestlemania will be here before we know it in Atlanta. I would expect that some 2011 WWE HOF names to be released in the next two weeks or so and maybe sooner. Tickets need to be sold for the HOF induction ceremony and one can't sell goods out of an empty wagon. The biggest issue about WM27 seems to be the status of the Undertaker. I think it will be a photo finish but I will not, cannot, and choose not to bet against Taker returning to try and take his streak to 19-0. If most fans only knew what Wrestlemania personally means to the Phenom you wouldn't bet against him either.

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