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    Ziggler on WWE Releases, Plans for SmackDown


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    Ziggler on WWE Releases, Plans for SmackDown

    Post by Ravagez on Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:52 pm

    - WWE will be doing a special Christian-themed SmackDown episode as part of a promotion SyFy is doing with several of its series.

    - There has been more reaction from superstars over yesterday's cut, with the following comments:

    Dolph Ziggler: "I hate to see anyone go, whether they need to move on or they are let go! Friends or not, we really are a family! And a lot of friends have Come and gone, for most it was their dream since childhood, others it was still a 24/7 life. Cheers to all of my family that has been let go I hope you all move on to bigger and better things, And I hope we still stay in touch down the road! because the door is never closed "

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