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    HBK involved in accident with drunk driver


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    HBK involved in accident with drunk driver

    Post by Ravagez on Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:09 am

    On his official Twitter page, Shawn Michaels posted the following tonight:

    " The fam&I got hit by a drunk driver 2nite @50mph.All r OK. I did however jerk him out of his seat quite abruptly&say"bad" words;-)"

    He added:

    " Thx all. We're fine. Car is fine. I drive a tank. Kids were fired up. Wanted 2 beat him up. Poor guy hit the craziest fam he cud:-)".

    "All I can say is he was staring at a couple "things" that let him know he hit the wrong people. Legally speaking of course:-) We appreciate u 4 caring. Hey on a side note. Make good choices if u can. Nobodys perfect, just try ok? Luv ya, u nuts:-)"

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